About Us

In 2015, I made the choice to get healthy. At that point I chose to omit heavy starchy foods like bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice from my daily diet. (I would learn to add them back later). I started eating more fruits and vegetables and drank apple cider vinegar. Eventually, I had to overcome one food-gelato! When I made avocado ice cream, I wondered what else can I do?

Those crucial steps along with consistent exercise, set me on the path to become healthier and more vibrant. In 2018, I discovered the benefits of eating hemp protein after my home workouts. I kept a food journal and started posting on Instagram and Facebook. My followers, mostly family, friends, and former students saw the transformation taking place. I shared freely and received encouragement to keep going. 

When you go vegan, many ask one question: Where do you get your protein? Plants supply plenty of protein, but I still wanted to know what protein deficiency looked like. So, I looked into it. A lack of protein especially in the elderly can result in sarcopenia. Protein deficiency can also be related to metabolic syndrome. These two topics were enough for me to start more than dialogs on social media. Where do you get your protein? gave birth to what is now Mike's Vegan Fudge, a protein rich product that eats like a dessert. 

Mike's Vegan Fudge as of today has been shipped across the United States, US Territories, and Canada! One choice, One step, One journey has become a health trend many others have been able to adopt.  What else can I do? That has been the driving force for Mike's Vegan Journey and Mike's Vegan Fudge. I look forward to creating more healthy food choices.